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Simplified Project Management Skills for Unofficial Project Managers, Online Business Professionals and Digital Creators

Your New Project and Online Business Manager Coach

Unlock your Project Management Leadership Potential

Invest in yourself today and develop your potential to grow as a project management leader. No more feeling stuck in your projects, career, and business and not moving forward. 

Learn how to complete projects on time and within budget, run shorter meetings, and avoid failures, glitches, and scope changes.

Be the Project Manager Leader that Transforms a Swamp into an Oasis in your client’s business and life. Make the difference. 

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Online Business Project Management Leadership Development Programs with Tangible Results

A proven project management leadership development program for online business professionals and new project managers ready to level up their careers in Project Management roles. Fire up the leader within you.

Revolutionize Your Online Business Projects with Effective Leadership and Project Management Strategies

Are you an online business professional or a new project manager looking to take your career to the next level? Look no further than our proven project management leadership development program. Our program will help you unlock your potential as a leader and drive tangible results in your online business projects.

My name is Adalyd Gracia, and I have over a decade of experience as a project manager working with companies of all sizes. As a certified project manager professional, scrum master and product owner, I am well-versed in agile methodologies and have a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in online business project management.

I founded the Simplified Business Project Management Leadership Academy, a 12-week program that guides new project managers, virtual assistants, online business managers, and small business owners through the five phases of project management. My mentoring program offers live mentoring and expert advice to help participants overcome any challenges they may encounter.

At the SBPM Leadership Academy, we understand that processes, projects, and systems must work together to deliver high-quality work without burning out. This mentorship and coaching program provides practical steps to shut down time-wasting activities and avoid scope creep. I’ll help you build a no-fail framework for your career or business that can pivot for the unexpected.

If you’re ready to take your career or business to the next level, enroll in the Simplified Business Project Management Leadership Academy. My program is designed to help you excel in your career and business by learning to manage projects effectively, leading a proactive team, and overcoming any challenges you may face in this career and business.

It’s time to incorporate a new working model for your projects, with proven strategies to become the best online business project manager in your niche and market. Join us on this journey of evolution and feel the momentum of your growth.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to level up your career or business. Enroll in our program today and start seeing tangible results.

It is about the journey, not the destination. It’s evolution time; feel the momentum.

Simplified Project Management for OBM's

Simple Projects for New Project Managers and OBM's

Coaching and Mentorship Services for Unofficial Entry-Level Project Managers (PM) and Online Business Managers (OBM) who want to increase their potential, expertise, and income in the Project Management Industry. Despite what you’ve experienced, project management is easier than you think; you can finally achieve your projects without confusing Tech.


Simplified Business Management Solutions

Individual Coaching for New Project Managers, Unofficial Project Managers, and Business Owners and entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level. Building a serviced-online business is easier than ever; however, it is a learning curve with many tasks catching your attention and overwhelming schedules.

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