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Simplified Project Management Skills for Unofficial Project Managers, Online Business Professionals and Digital Creators


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"Take Your Career to the Next Level as a New Project Manager and Online Business Project Leader. Educate, Prepare, and Receive 1:1 Coaching from a Professional in the Field of Project Management and Digital Businesses. Whether You're Just Starting Out or Looking to Grow, I Can Help Clear the Path to Your Success. Bilingual Programs Available."

Project Management Career Mentoring

Coaching and Mentorship Services for Unofficial Entry-Level Project Managers (PM) and Online Business Managers (OBM).

Despite what you've experienced project management is easier than you think; you can finally achieve your projects without confusing Tech.

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Project Management Career Mentoring

Business Coaching Solutions

Individual Coaching for professionals who are looking to take their career to the next level by guiding them to staying organized and on top of their business. Business Strategies, Project Management, Leadership, and new start-up businesses. An action plan to start your business, improve it, or develop practical leadership skills.

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Business Coaching Solutions

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Simplified Projects
Hybrid Mentoring Program

Simplified Project Management Leadership Academy

Simple Project Mentoring for Unofficial Project Managers, New Project Leaders, and those professionals ready to become Online/Digital Business PROJECT MANAGERS.

Personalized and Accountable Coaching Program guided by a Certified Project Management, Agile, Business Process Improvement, Finance, and Agile Expert. Bilingual Program.

In your working life, you face significant challenges. But at the same time, you assume responsibilities that exceed your knowledge. This leads you to work tirelessly to meet the deadline, sacrificing hours of sleep, seeking online advice, and doing your best to stay within the assigned budget.

Getting the needed tools to manage a project is critical to your business's success and career.

Simple Project Management Leadership Academy is dedicated to teaching you all the essential techniques and strategies to manage your projects and business optimally and efficiently. At the same time, it prepares you for this exciting and well-paying demanding career.

"Clearing the Path to your Successful Projects"

Adalyd Gracia

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Boost Your Lifetime Income with Proficient Project Management in Your Career and Business. Start your Career as a Consultant or Freelancer in Projects


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