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Simplified Project Management Skills for Unofficial Project Managers, Online Business Professionals and Digital Creators

Hi, I'm Adalyd!

A modern woman who challenges convention and with fierce determination, beats all odds to achieve her dreams.

Adalyd Gracia Oliveras
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Adalyd Gracia is a true reflection of a modern woman who challenges convention and with fierce determination, beats all odds to achieve her dreams. 

Meet Adalyd, an Assistant Vice-President of Credit Quality Assurance at a national bank in Miami, Florida. With over 20 years of experience in the banking industry, she has expertise in finance, quality assurance, process improvement, and project management. Adalyd’s career in banking began at the age of 20, and she has since risen through the ranks to her current position.

Adalyd holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Puerto Rico and a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Project Management from Ana G. Mendez University in Miami, FL. She is also a certified business mentor who volunteers for Broward County Chapter, Score. Adalyd has various professional certifications in the Project Agile Management work field and Business Process Improvement, including Scrum Master (Agile-Alliance), Scrum Product Owner, Agile Leadership Teams, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Furthermore, she is a Career Mentor and Coach with several certifications, such as Life Purpose Coach and Professional Life Coach, that aid her clients in excelling in their life and career.

Adalyd moved to the United States with her son as a single mother, and through perseverance and discipline, she maintained a fierce focus on building her expertise in finance and dance. She danced ballet and jazz for ten years and has taken additional classes in ballet, hip-hop, modern dance, and flamenco, adding up to a cumulative 15 years of dancing. After 18 years, Adalyd is happily married with a baby girl, proving that there is always a second chance.

As a mother, Adalyd’s path to achieving such bountiful achievements has not been easy. She seeks to motivate women and help them build their confidence as they intend to return to school to attain their first degree or advance their education. Adalyd challenges women to adopt an assertive “go-getter” attitude and pursue their goals fearlessly or with a guilty conscience (especially women with family responsibilities). She helps women extract crucial lessons from past failures and march forth without fear to achieve what they want, like, and love.

Adalyd is an avid reader who enjoys women’s empowerment, confidence, process improvement and project management, family, relationships, parenting, motivational readings, and the Bible. She continually seeks to improve herself to be a better person to love and help her family and friends.

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And as she says: Be Quality, Be Agile!! Calidad y Agilidad a Tu Altura.

Simplified Projects

Mentoring Training Program

Simplified  Projects

Simplified Projects for Unofficial Project Managers,  Online Business Managers, and Small Business Owners. 

Personalized and Accountable Coaching Program guided by a Certified Project Management, Agile, Business Process Improvement, Finance, and Agile Expert. Bilingual Program.

In your working life, you face important challenges. But at the same time, you assume responsibilities that exceed your knowledge, which leads you to work tirelessly to meet the deadline, sacrificing hours of sleep, seeking online advice, and doing your best to stay within the assigned budget.

Getting the needed tools to manage a project is critical to your business’s success and career.

Simplified Business Project Management Leadership Academy is dedicated to teaching you all the key techniques and strategies to manage your project and business optimally and efficiently.

“Clearing the Path to Your Business Success”

Adalyd Gracia